Review for Secret Affiliate Weapon2.0

I recently purchased a product called Secret Affiliate 2.0. By Ewen Chia I have followed the course and was successful in building a website and driving traffic to it following the tutorials and video’s provided.I will update the this  review with my experiences and also report if I make a reasonable income stream with this product.

So far i have generated a small amount of income over the last few days which has covered the cost of the  course.

I Wrote an in-depth review of Secret Affiliate 2.0 and decided to give it a full  page of its own click the link below  to read the review.

Here is my review page for Secret Affiliate 2.0


Job Crusher Review

Hi I wanted to tell  about a member ship site called Job Crusher. I Joined this site about 4 months ago  and I use one of their products called member snap which is a complete website builder.

Bill McIntosh and Eric Louviere just relaunched their Job Crusher membership training which shows individuals how to set up a successful online business for only $7.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) August 21, 2012 Job Crusher Reloaded by Bill McIntosh and Eric Louviere has officially launched and is creating quite a commotion. According to the latest update from Bill, he says, “We just made history in the Warrior Forum… The first time EVER a ClickBank product is WSO Of The Day! That’s right… JobCrusher is WSO Of The Day today!”

What does this mean? It means this new product that was created called Job Crusher Reloaded is today’s hottest selling item in the Warrior forum, a place where internet marketers congregate to discusses various internet related topics and products. So what is all the hype about?

Click this link to find out more.

Six years ago Bill and Eric created an online internet marketing training center where members could join and learn how to earn some money on the net. Their success has been shared throughout the web presence marketing community and they are the real deal. Their combined success has totaled 50 million in revenue, so they clearly know what they’re talking about when it comes to making money online.

Job Crusher Reloaded is an extension of the original version that came out 6 years ago but with some huge upgrades that are now standard in the membership. The original membership included weekly video training and mentoring. This helped members see exactly what was required to make some money online from home.

The membership also included a community forum where other internet marketers could hang out and interact with each other providing help, opinions and motivation. It included tons of traffic techniques from industry specialists around the nation. It also included important case studies and interviews with widely known professionals.

As if the original wasn’t good enough, the new Job Crusher Reloaded has even more. It has LIVE weekly coaching with Bill and Eric themselves. Members can ask questions and get answers real time. Members can watch real time as Bill and Eric work on specific tasks in developing the appropriiate online business.

Members now have their rather own membership site complete with everything needed to create a living on the internet. Plug n play as they say. From squeeze pages, to creative, to full functioning web portal with opt-in forms, autoresponders, everything. The member just chooses a domain name and picks the niche.

Job Crusher is an ongoing mentoring program, where you will receive everything step by step with lots of guidance, products, services, interaction and much more! Click this link to find out more.

VirtaPay? What is it ?

VirtaPay… is a  virtual currency  and it is quickly growing in value and in the number of
people who use it to buy and sell digital goods.
It’s quick, easy and free to join VirtaPay. Every  day when a user logs in, they earn more
currency to their VirtaPay balance for simply using the system and providing
feedback as new features are added. VirtaPay gives buyers the opportunity to buy digital goods without spending
hard currency. The buyers are rewarded each day they come back and
get involved in the system.The VirtaPay currency can be used to buy and sell digital goods. It can also be
sent and received as fees between VirtaPay users. However, at this time, it
cannot yet be used to purchase physical goods or exchanged for world currencies
such as the US Dollar.The quality of digital goods offered on VirtaPay continues to elevate due to
competition among sellers. This competition is driven by VirtaPay’s buy
review and analysis systems, which allows buyers to rate items on a 5-star scale or flag
inappropriate items.
As buyers rate items, the highest rated items quickly climb to the top and poorly
rated or flagged items drop off the listings.

To find out more go here and check it out for your self

A training ground for ClickBank vendors
ClickBank is a payment processor and affiliate program manager. They make it
easy to sell and get paid for your own digital product creations or as an affiliate.
ClickBank deals in world currencies, not virtual currency (like VirtaPay). So,
when you make sales, they will send you a physical check or electronically
deposit your earnings in your bank account.

Would like to become successful a ClickBank vendor without the financial risk?
You can start by using VirtaPay as a training ground, while you learn how to sell
digital products. VirtaPay provides massive built-in traffic to your product and
real-time feedback on what people like.
A way to test-market ideas for ClickBank products
VirtaPay is an brilliant way for both beginning and experienced ClickBank
vendors to test-market and fine-tune potential ClickBank products. This is
exceedingly valuable, but won’t cost you a cent when you use VirtaPay.
As discussed above, VirtaPay provides massive built-in traffic to your product
(better products = higher ratings = more traffic). You can test several headlines
and sales pages to see which one gets the most buyers.
Your product will also get real-time appraisal from VirtaPay buyers in the form
of a 5-star rating paradigm. This will help you know what will sell before taking a
risk selling it on ClickBank.

To find out more go here and check it out for your self

Review for Pin Your Income.. more social media

With all the attention face book is getting lately  another overlooked upcoming social media site is growing and getting good reviews. it is called Pinterest. You probably have never even heard about
this before (its that GOOD)it’s a new website that’s already got over 65 Million users…

Users on this site are 10 times more likely to buy from you than Facebook or Google…

And this funny looking guy, has found a  way to siphon all the traffic from this site,  and get the users to any website you want…
This site involves  the use of pinning a website or photo ect to get views . Pin your income  is a new app +system to help you to monetise your pins . for more information on this type of social media advertising   Check it out here .

More interest in facebook

Hi there,

a couple of days ago I posted about a new facebook app . Now there is an on line  seminar  being held teaching how to use the new app .The app is called Review Engine ROI  .

The Review Engine ROI is a live coaching program combined with the innovative “Fan Reviews” Facebook application that is designed to help entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and businesses of any size to generate more paying customers without having to spend any additional time, energy, or money.

It is all accomplished by utilizing the world’s most powerful form of marketing…word of mouth! Oh and we also built a really sweet application that makes it push button simple to turn your existing friends, fans, and customers into viral brand advocates that attract others who buy what you sell!

How Does It Work?

  1. Add the Fan Reviews app to your Facebook page (1 click)
  2. Simply ask your fans, network, and customers to write you a review about you, your products, services, content, or company and let the viral distribution of your review work it’s magic!

Learn more here on this webinar hosted by Nick Unsworth at the link below

Are you a busines owner who Uses face book?Review Engine ROI is a new product that might help .

Hi ,

Getting your on line or  other business noticed on the Internet  can take a lot of time an money .Some people use a face book page dedicated to their business and advertise it .They can then get other people to like it and send it to their friends to view. Face book also has its own paid advertising and this can be used to promote a business or product.
This all relies on word of mouth but is slow as a lot of people don’t bother to like these sort of pages much. I have just found out about a new product called Review Engine ROI  , This product takes a different way of getting clients to your business by letting your current clients and friends etc  write and rate a review of your product ,the system uses a star rating a bit like Amazon or ebay that is sent out to all their friends who can also read the review and recommendations. Review Engine ROI  will take a lot of SEO work  away from your face book page as it will enable clients to add content  to your pages for you.  Nick Unsworth is the genius behind this new app it is all accomplished by utilising the world’s most powerful form of marketing…word of mouth! Oh and he also built a really sweet application that makes it push button simple to turn your existing friends, fans, and customers into viral brand advocates that attract others who buy what you sell!You get to moderate and edit all the reviews In the event that you receive a bad review 1-3 stars it shows on the fan reviews wall so that you can comment and rectify the situation. . This also enables you to understand more about your clients  and you have the opportunity to contact them and work out any problems they might have encountered with your product  that they never reported to you  and you can then ask them for another review.  Nick Unsworth is the genius behind this new app go here to watch his videos and find out more about this new product that is set to rock face book advertising.  Add a review engine to your face book page

More working from home tips.

In my last post I talked about  selling physical products on line. There are also many other ways to build an on line business or service. Some people make a good living writing e books and sell them on places like Amazon and kindle. They also can sell them through places like click bank or other on line stores which also have  affiliates to help promote and sell for them. When working from home  promoting click bank products is another way to start generating a income on the Internet.  You can sign up for an affiliate account  and then pick some products to promote. You then  promote these products by building small websites about them or you can directly advertise them through your affiliate links and get paid a commission for each sale you make. You can place banner adds or other type adds on search engines linked back to your sites or links and send traffic to them . Some of these click bank and other affiliate type sites will pay you up to 75 percent of the price in commissions.  another way to make money with these affiliate sites is to  make your own product  and sell it on click-bank and other sites. This way other affiliates sell the product for you.

There is a lot of information about making your own product  so don’t dismiss the idea  right away if you don’t think you can make a product.  Think of something you are really good or passionate at  and know a lot about  it might be your job or your hobby or sport. Once you have a good book you can then set up a web site  around it and submit it to click bank or Amazon etc. You can also can also make a smaller version or put some spinets from the book together  as a give away deal  with links to your product or sites  in side the free offer. There are many more ways of starting to make money by working from home via the Internet I will discuss these in an other post.

Go here to find out more

More snippets about working from home.

Working from home continued.

Some other methods of working from home include setting up store type websites and selling physical products. This could be selling Amazon products and having an Amazon store  where you promote their products and get a commission on each sale. Some people like to sell things on e- bay, this is a website where you can sell by auction   or use a buy it now option. With e bay you need to have a physical product that you take pictures of  or get pictures from your supplier and you list these on e bay most e bay sales are set up through pay pal  so you directly get paid  when a customer purchases your product . Then you have to arrange the packaging and transport to your customer.

Some people use a method called drop shipping either on ebay  or through their own website. This involves buying products through a wholesaler who will ship the products for you with your own invoice direct to your customer.It works like this — you go to your drop ship company and find products you are interested in selling. –You then list these products on your site or ebay or other  auction sites at a higher price. — when you get an order from e bay the money will go directly into your account and you get the customers address and contact details — you then immediately  go to your drop ship company make a payment and place the order  that your customer gave you including their  contact details  and your invoice details.

The drop ship company them sends the order direct to your customer and you keep the difference in the price. Maybe you listed an item for $20  but your supplier had it listed for $3 plus $2 shipping    you have now made $15 profit   . It is a little more complicated than that but basically that’s how it works .When you are working from home you really need to find drop shippers that you can trust  and also have prices low enough that you can compete with other sellers.  I have found a lot of so called drop shippers  also list their own products on these auction sites and you end up directly competing against them at the same price they are selling you the item  so be careful if you chose to drop ship.

Other people like to go to garage sales  or end of season clearances and buy interesting products at a reduced price then list them on e bay it is really up to your own imagination  how to find products you can sell .

I will list more money making idea’s in my next post.

Andrew Aidulis.

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working from home

Working from home is a dream for many people.

But most of us do not know where to start.I have been researching  for nearly two years now  and have mostly found scams and get rich  quick schemes that teach you enough to get started  then leave you high and dry when it comes to detail and exact methods.

Most of these people teach you their “tried and proven systems ”  but usually !! forget !! to tell you that they stopped working a couple of years ago when the search engines changed  or something else changed and they were not viable any more . Some of these systems then just waste your time and money as you chase treasure that has already been taken. But some can actually teach you a lot and help you get stated on an Internet career. Some free reports such as this    Free report   ( can also teach you a lot so I am always looking for good quality reports to learn from and also use in my own Internet business.

What I have learnt so far about working from home is that you do need a system but it has to be one that you understand and can manage with out being a computer engineer. You need to find what most of the Gurus  call a “niche”which is just a fancy word for a a product or service which has features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the  price range, production quality and the demographics of the people it is intended to impact on.

Once you have decided on a niche you need to decide  if you wish to sell physical  or digital products or maybe a combination of both.  you also need to decide if you will sell your own product or sell other peoples products for them.   A lot of people start out selling other peoples products either bye direct advertising them  and getting a small commission  for each item  or by affiliating with them and getting a percentage of each sale. Some people are good at writing  or are skilled at something and write an article or e book about their skills .  They can then market their e book on line .

Most people who work at home doing Internet type work  have their own website  or more than one website if they are promoting different niches.

Some people are good at this and they might get work doing sales copy  or writing articles for other people . Websites also need a lot of new skills to be learnt or else you have to pay some one else to do this for you. The Gurus call this “outsourcing”. Skills to start a web site include writing articles, learning how to edit files and up load them to servers and many other new skills. having a website doesn’t mean you will get customers  you need to learn a lot more skills about getting traffic to your website. This can include free traffic  from articles and blogs  or by paying for advertising  using Google or other search engines. There are many more ways of getting traffic which I will discuss in future posts.

If you are interested in more information about working from home on the Internet then have a look at this free report. Free report

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A Aidulis.

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